Covid Days

Well, 2 weeks into this pandemic. I am sitting down and writing down thoughts and feelings for the first time.  Coming off of a year with a broken Femur, which required 2 surgeries and a lot of pain and physical therapy to be able to walk again. it’s been 15 months since I fell. I am able to walk on my own, but still having trouble with stairs and pain in my knee. Having Lower Lumbar Stenosis in my spine hasn’t helped my recovery. I cannot do anything about that right now as my spinal surgeon is not doing any elective procedures until this is over.  Surgery on my hand for 2 Trigger Fingers in January and physical therapy for that too. So, this social distancing has not changed my lifestyle. All I have done for these 13 months is sit on my bottom and watch tv, movies or listen to books.  My mental health is straining now. I talked with my psychiatrist yesterday and he is changing one of my medicines, due to the Mental Health DNA, which shows which medicines work in my body and which one doesn’t. Since I have had the attitude of “why bother”  since I get no company and don’t go out why should I do anything?  Well, today I DID do something.  I took a shower, I rearranged 2 of my messy closets and one of my cabinets. Also, made a roast with golden potatoes and veggies.  I must say I feel pretty good about it. Now, I just have to keep this feeling of organizing and cleaning and keep going. As I’m watching “The Hobbit” I’m thinking I may wash some windows tomorrow, hmmm????  I might even get dressed…

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